Campaign for City Council


In Nov. 2016 the world watched as an individual who vilified immigrants, denigrated women, and mocked the disabled was elected president of the United States. Since taking office in Jan. we have seen his administration attempt to repeal Obamacare, introduce legislation to terminate the EPA, and threaten to close the Department of Education. Although the next presidential election isn’t until 2020, that doesn’t mean we can’t get involved today and build a movement to resist these attacks.

For those of us in Harlem, we have shared in a reality faced across the country: immigrants afraid of deportation, low-income families afraid they will lose their healthcare, and the strain budget cuts to HUD has placed on public housing. We can not wait until 2020 for action, change starts now as we support local politics across the country.

In the words of Adam Clayton Powell, we must “Press forward at all times, climbing toward that higher ground of the harmonious society that shapes the laws of man to the laws of God.” As city councilman, I will fight to preserve the very values this country was built upon and together, we will tackle these issues as we move this country forward!

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